Semut-semut Raksasa dari Rafael Gómezbarros

Casa Tomada 5

Sejak tahun 2007 lalu, sekumpulan semut raksasa sebesar 60 sentimeter ini menghiasi gedung-gedung yang dianggap ikon di berbagai negara. Semut-semut yang terbuat dari batang pohon, fiberglass dan kain ini adalah sebuah project dari pria kelahiran Kolombia bernama Rafael Gómezbarros yang diberi judul Casa Tomada.

Semut-semut tersebut saat ini sedang dipamerkan di Saatchi Gallery London sampai dengan November nanti.

Casa Tomada adalah sebuah project yang menggambarkan pergeseran baik secara material maupun psikologis yang dialami oleh para petani di kampung halaman Gómezbarros yang disebabkan oleh perang dan kekerasan.

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London Underground di mata Bob Mazzer

Bob Mazzer 5

Sejak menjadi operator proyektor untuk sebuah bioskop porno di tahun 70an, Bob Mazzer mulai mengabadikan kehidupan orang-orang di kereta bawah tanah London, atau biasa disebut Tube, dalam perjalanan pulang-perginya ke tempat kerja.

Foto-foto yang sejak 45 tahun lalu tersimpan tersebut mulai 12 Juni 2014 lalu mulai dipamerkan di Howard Griffin Gallery, London.

Melalui kamera film Leica klasiknya, Mazzer mengobservasi kehidupan di dalam Tube dengan drama dan humornya kemudian menangkapnya dengan cerdik. Koleksi foto yang mengagumkan, sebuah gambaran kasar akan kehidupan di kota London selama 45 tahun ini.

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Wunderlist Being Very Helpful

Wunderlist 2

I once made list of apps that’d be useful for your Lumia, one of the apps is Wunderlist (that unfortunately has gone from Windows Phone Marketplace). Wunderlist is a very simple, well designed and easy-to-use task management tool.

So how does it help?

Seth Godin once talk about date,

“If you haven’t announced a date, you’re not serious.”

Wunderlist exactly help me regarding this matter. As a to-do app, they provide time based cross-devices list of things to do.

My latest client ask me about project timeline, shame on me I used to make it on MS Excel (or sometimes on Word), I thought that it was time for me to look for a project management tools that able to make a project timeline as its’ output. In the same time, I just installed Wunderlist on my freshly installed laptop.

I then make project to-do on it, add date, add job descriptions and several sketch images for the project. I assign task to my coder, and more people that will get on board for the project, invite them to the list. Feedback is almost instant for invited people notified by email, I was able to set the end date for all tasks after an email or two (and direct correction on the list) and set an expected date for the project to finish.

And that’s how I get a project timeline.

After editing some tasks, matching with client’s needs and availability, the list being very helpful alerting me and team members when a task comes to deadline. There’s alert everywhere since it’s a cross-device app, on my PC, laptop, tablet, even on my phone.

Thanks to 6 Wunderkinder, Wunderlist are free to use and paid to upgrade for those who need more.

Street Typography

Street Typography

I always have this question everytime I saw a typographical signs on the streets, “How can they manage to draw such tidy painting in a large scale?”. I finally found the answer, it’s stencil that do the trick. With large printing became more affordable these days, the trick is definitely applicable.

But then, I found this video by someone named Tom Williams from London. He capture some workers painting a “BUS STOP” sign on the street in front of his flat, freehand. As mentioned by Tom, “They block out the area of each letter pretty roughly as you can see by the faint chalk marks, then just freehand within that. No stencilling.” it’s an interesting video to watch, specially for typography hobbyist (guilty).

Killers Minimalist Poster

Killers is psychological thriller movie directed by The Mo’Brothers. Hit the theater early this month.

Couple days ago, Jakarta based Art Director Rizal Renaldi poke Killers’ team on Twitter with his minimalist poster design for the movie. It turns out, their distro partner gave positive response for the effort. It looks good, btw.

The good news is, extended version (multiple resolutions) of this design are now available for free download on Rizal’s personal blog.

Got two, each for my iPod and my PC. You should too!